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We are pleased to inform you that as of January 31, 2017, Civil Construction Contractor’s LLC. has worked 401,635.25 safe man hours in Dow since our last recordable incident. It has been 13 years since our last OSHA Recordable, which was on February 9, 2004.


In 2016 Civil Construction Contractors, LLC worked a total of 35,020 safe man hours inside of Dow-SCO. We as a company have worked hard and diligent at all levels from upper management to supervision to the field employees to set forth and implement a culture where SAFETY is the most important aspect of any job that we perform.


At DOW-SCO our goal every day is that every job be approached the same way. No matter the size, cost or time constraint, every job will be approached with the mind-set, ” this job will be done safely”.


I’m very proud to say that we are constantly and continually implementing a culture that has instilled safety as our number one priority on every job that we perform here at DOW-SCO. By looking beyond the obvious hazards, and recognizing potential hazards, we approach every task and job in the safest manner possible. There is no task worth doing at a risk to any person.


We would like to thank everyone who takes an active role in keeping safety first and foremost. Safety is a culture, not a routine, and it takes constant effort and a lifetime to make a person work safe.


Be my brother’s keeper!




Listed below are the hours worked per year consecutively in Dow-SCO after the recordable:


  • 2004 65,560 man hrs*
  • 2005 29,297 man hrs
  • 2006 18,595 man hrs
  • 2007 23,636 man hrs
  • 2008 17,666.5 man hrs
  • 2009 15,019.5 man hrs
  • 2010 15,305 man hrs
  • 2011 21,595 man hrs
  • 2012 37,737.5 man hrs
  • 2013 34,679.5 man hours
  • 2014 46,181.25 man hours
  • 2015 38,035 man hours
  • 2016 35,020 man hours
  • 2017 3308 (January 2017)


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