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Civil Construction Contractors, LLC has been recognized by the Gulf Coast Safety Council for performing injury free work during the 2017 year. We are honored to have received the following awards and look forward to an injury free 2018 year.


Contractors Safety Excellence Award “Multiple Locations” with less than 100,000 work hours

 Contractors Safety Excellence Award “Monsanto Company”

 Contractors Safety Excellence Award “Valero St. Charles”

 Contractors Safety Excellence Award “Occidental Chemical”

Contractors Safety Excellence Award “Cornerstone Chemical Company”

Contractors Safety Excellence Award “DOW Chemical”


These awards were made possible by team work and a commitment to maintaining a safe work culture. By working in this manner, we can continue to achieve these recognitions and provide our clients with quality service.



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We are pleased to inform you that as of January 31, 2018, Civil Construction Contractor’s LLC. has worked 436,179.25 safe man hours in Dow SCO since our last recordable incident. It has been 14 years since our last OSHA Recordable, which was on February 9, 2004.


In 2017 Civil Construction Contractors, LLC worked a total of 34,620.25 safe man hours within the premises of Dow SCO.


Teamwork is an essential and crucial element which combines the actions of a group of people. A team is made up of individuals, sharing a common goal, and working together to attain that same common goal. Through a continual and growing partnership, dedication and unrelenting emphasis on SAFETY of all personnel, each person strives to execute each task with honesty and integrity to meet the primary goal of “ZERO”.


I will work safe today!


Listed below are the hours worked per year consecutively in Dow-SCO after the recordable:


  • 2004 65,560 man hrs*
  • 2005 29,297 man hrs
  • 2006 18,595 man hrs
  • 2007 23,636 man hrs
  • 2008 17,666.5 man hrs
  • 2009 15,019.5 man hrs
  • 2010 15,305 man hrs
  • 2011 21,595 man hrs
  • 2012 37,737.5 man hrs
  • 2013 34,679.5 man hours
  • 2014 46,181.25 man hours
  • 2015 38,035 man hours
  • 2016 35,020 man hours
  • 2017 34,620.25 man hours
  • 2018 75 (Jan 2018)


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We are now accepting applications for the following crafts.

  • Dirt Equipment Operators
  • Journeyman Civil Carpenters
  • Journeyman Concrete Finishers

All candidates must have a valid TWIC card and must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen, physical and background security check as well as a DISA Drug and Alcohol test and DISA Background Test.

Use the link below for employment application or resume’ submittal instructions



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Increasing Productivity and Quality Control, CCC has added GPS controls available on it’s G-6 Dozers. The use of GPS controlled equipment is a proven method to reduce project schedules and improve accuracy in the finished product that equates to cost savings to our customers.

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