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Safety and Quality



Safety is the primary focus of our working fundamentals. We strive daily to implement new fundamentals, to increase the safety of our employees and our lives. Our employees hold value in their work, in their lives, and in their families. We will honor the value of safety at all times. It is our foremost priority to all of our customers, employees, and their families.

We at Civil Construction have had the pleasure of an impeccable safety record in the past, and we look forward to continuing these efforts for a safe future. This very idea is the base support of investing time and effort into our safety program.

We are committed to improve ourselves in the total safety commitment in not just our jobs, but in our lives.

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We at Civil Construction Contractors realize the value of total commitment to a true quality program. We have many fundamental quality practices in place and continue to expand on our total quality practices. Our quality began upon the incorporation of our company and has grown through dedication – just as our company.

Our quality improvement process is based upon the principles of management-oriented planning, commitment, and building of interpersonal relationships between clients and employees. We focus on areas of motivation, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. We do not discriminate against, but encourage, new philosophies and improved methods.

Our fundamental belief in quality commitment is applied to all tasks. It applies to employees, procedures, equipment, state of mind, and attitude. It is one of the bases that separates us from any other company – the true base, that we endeavor to find the quality in our employees and teach them to seek quality in all of their tasks.


Civil Construction’s management considers quality one of the cornerstones of sound business. Civil Construction’s reputation of quality has and will always be of exemplary status. We promise to continue to excel in new measures to increase the quality of ourselves, our employees, and our work.
Louisiana Contractor's License #18794
Mississippi Contractor's License #16992-MC
Classifications: Highways, Streets & Bridges, Heavy Construction, Building Construction, Municipal & Public Works

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